With long-term government and industry connections in the U.S. and overseas, Wolff Consulting Services (WCS) helps large and small homeland security technology companies write business plans, understand and quantify market opportunities and obtain development funds. WCS then helps his clients define and implement marketing, product development, testing and trial strategies in the US and Europe that minimize time to market acceptance.  WCS uses established industry connections to introduce clients to government agencies and potential sales partners in the US and Europe to gain access to homeland security markets with a goal of minimizing time to market acceptance for new products. As a “tactical consultant”, WCS can produce and implement in-house testing and external marketing communications plans including the design and production of communications material for companies on a tight budget.  Specific services are custom tailored to each client’s needs and include (but are not limited to):

Strategic Marketing

     •  Business plan development including an understanding of the global marketplace

          o  Analysis of market size and development timelines under various scenarios

          o  Definition of customer requirements, timing and objectives

          o  Market assessments for prioritization of target application and product direction

          o  Financial planning and revenue projections

          o  Competitive landscape, including SWOT analyses

          o  Guidance concerning key stake-holders and their interrelationships

          o  Selection and introduction to potential champion regulators and customers

     •  Introductions to key US and European (Asian) regulators, airports and testing agencies

     •  Introduction to companies with potential complementary technology/business capabilities

     •  Introduction to potential sales partners

     •  Feedback of market/ industry information and opportunities

     •  Conference and marketing communications planning / support/ development

Product Development

     •  System specification definition, review and feedback by regulators and customers

     •  Program management, project tracking and pitfall avoidance

     •  Guidance and assistance in writing U.S. government white papers and proposals

     •  Development of operations and cost models to understand product’s market impact


     • Serve on a Board of Directors and/ or an “advisory board”

     • Review progress, refine strategic and tactical plans

     •  As a “neutral party”, facilitates marketing/ engineering communications

     •  Advises on corporate and department structuring to meet business objectives

     •  Briefs senior management, board of directors on business opportunities, program status

Test Plan Development

     •  Development and execution of internal test plans and protocols to assess market readiness

        o  Identify technology problems &/or

        o  Validate product readiness for external tests

     •  Use government connections to fine tune the test plans

     •  Identify and prepare test objects and simulated materials for testing

     •  Plan test logistics and assist with test implementation

     •  Introduction to testing organizations, planning and executing of external validation tests

Marketing Communications

     • Development of marketing communications plans to match available budget

     • Design of documents to be used for marketing communications

     • All stages of video/ photography from storyboards, shooting, editing and final production

     • Development of contact / outreach target lists


While having extensive, senior-level connections with many governments, technology companies and industry groups, WCS does not act as a sales representative, agent or distributor. However, WCS is part of a powerful, informal worldwide consultant network and as appropriate WCS introduces clients to additional personnel/ consultants/ organizations that may assist in other business areas, such as setting up worldwide sales organizations, service infrastructure, strategic alliances etc. 

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